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Includes scheduling & tracking for P90X3™ workouts! The breakthrough workout program that revolutionized home fitness now has a companion app that lets you Bring It!® on your Android™ device, so you can get even more amazing results—and work out with P90X anywhere. Keep track of your sets, reps, and weights, view your progress, and share your results. With interactive features like these, you'll stay motivated and accountable to get more out of P90X, P90X2®, and P90X3 than ever.Special P90X DVD Program DiscountDon’t already own the P90X DVD program? With the P90X Official App, you can take advantage of an exclusive FREE SHIPPING offer on your purchase of the P90X DVD program when you buy it in the Beachbody Mobile Store, accessed through the App. Just go to the Beachbody Store from within the app. This offer is for a limited time, so act fast!
ScheduleYou’ll never have to sweat which workout is on deck each day. Select your program and your calendar simply auto-populates with the correct workouts. You can even schedule your own workouts, like running, hiking, swimming, and more.
TrackConveniently keep a record of your sets, reps, and weights as you complete each P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 DVD workout. You’ll get customized progress reports at day 30, 60 and 90 to keep you motivated and help push through your plateaus to get more ripped than ever.
Earn and ShareUp for some friendly competition? Mark your success! Rack up achievement badges for accomplishments like meeting fitness goals, completing workouts, or even for working out on a Friday night! Then share your results and compete with your friends on Facebook®, Twitter®, and email.
"X" AnywhereWant to do P90X workouts while travelling? At the gym? Outside? Within the P90X Official App, you can purchase Guided Workouts - versions of the P90X workouts designed specifically for your Smartphone. They feature timed video demonstrations for every move, tips on form, and audio guidance from P90X trainer Tony Horton. For a limited time, try the P90X Fit Test and Ab Ripper X for FREE!
Guided Workout Prices:P90X Fit Test – FREEAb Ripper X – FREEAll P90X Workouts Bundle – $59.995 P90X Resistance Workouts Bundle – $29.99 • Chest & Back • Shoulders & Arms • Legs & Back • Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps• Back & Biceps
Individual Workouts:
Chest & Back – $6.99 Plyometrics – $6.99 Shoulders & Arms – $6.99 Yoga X – $6.99 Legs & Back – $6.99 Kenpo X – $6.99 X Stretch – $6.99 Core Synergistics – $6.99 Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps – $6.99 Back & Biceps – $6.99 Cardio X – $6.99